Richard House Children's Hospice

Richard House supports children and their families from East London and into Essex to lead as positive and happy a life as possible when dealing with a life-limiting illness. We are leading the thinking when it comes to the future of children’s hospice care provision. We continue looking at new ways of working, increasing the number of partnerships with other organisations, providing far more support in the children’s own homes and introducing new technologies.

From the moment a child is diagnosed with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, everything changes. And these changes affect the whole family, which is why we feel it is vital to provide not only care to the child, but support to the whole family as well.

To do this our services range from specialised clinical care, to art, music and dance therapy; giving the child the opportunity to explore what is happening to them in a safe environment, or enabling a child with sensory needs communicate through sound, through to end of life care and pre and post bereavement support for all the family.

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